About Us

San Diego CNC is a valuable resource for both the consumer looking for reputable machine shops as well as for the machine shop itself to gain the necessary exposure of their unique capabilities. San Diego CNC was founded several years ago by expert machinist and member of the San Diego chapter of the American Mensa Society, Patrick Yepes.

Patrick Yepes has over 18 years of high precision machining and programming experience. A large portion of that experience has been in the close tolerance machining for aerospace and medical device industries, utilizing CNC mills, CNC multi-axis mill/turn lathes and 5 axis CNC routers. Patrick has been an integral member of large corporate machine shops and has also owned and operated his own Southern California machine shop. In both roles, Patrick was known for his responsive, personal customer service and industry leading attention to detail.

San Diego CNC began as a machine shop founded and operated by Patrick Yepes in the Miramar area of San Diego. Through that experience, Patrick realized that there was a significant, unmet need for a service that connected customers with unique machining requirements with reputable machine shops that were perfectly aligned to meet those customers needs. Prior to the creation of the San Diego CNC referral service, customers were forced to job bidding boards or the yellow pages in the attempt to find qualified and competent machine shops. Now, machine shops can be found much easier and enjoy higher rankings in the search engines by being sponsored on San Diego CNC's website.

Customers have the ability to gain the valuable insights of a professional machinist, Patrick Yepes, who will provide them with detailed information about the best machine shops to meet their machining, production, and prototype requirements.

So, enjoy the service and let us know if there are other ways we can assist you!