Who We Are:
San Diego CNC is a machine shop referral service that specializes in giving local machine shops an internet presence.

What We Do:
San Diego CNC can help make your machine shop more visible to potential customers in the San Diego area.

How Do We Do That:
San Diego CNC enjoys high rankings from the major search engines. Having your machine shop featured on San Diego CNC's website, your shop can be found easily by potential customers. If you do not currently have an Internet website, utilizing our site will give you an Internet presence without the hassles or high costs usually associated with building a website.

How We Can Help You:
San Diego CNC makes it easy to promote your machine shop. No more paying someone to fix a broken website or updating important information. Changes and updates are relatively fast, usually taking no more than a few hours from the initial request.

In this tough economy, it keeps getting harder turning a profit. High costs, customers wanting lower prices while maintaining high quality, and the unknown costs looming on the horizon as ObamaCare incrementally takes effect... Who couldn't use a helping hand attracting more customers? Give us a call or send us an email and we'll see what we can do for you!